Every You & Every Me:::Jamie Part 1:::Gainesville Artistic Portrait Photographer

When you meet Jamie, he’s a bit reserved, quiet in fact. But not for long! Spend more than five minutes in his presence, and he’ll have you rolling with laughter. Jamie-isms are used frequently, and you have to be quick to keep up with his witty jokes. He’s creative and passionate, and he owns more brand names than me. Which isn’t saying too much, because it’s me, but still. His shoe collection is gosh darn  impressive! I wish I could rock D&G kicks with that kind of flare. His house is a retro-modern mecca of style. He loves mixing old with the new, his vintage yellow couch resting comfortably next to a sleek black chair. And let me tell you…his vinyl record and cd collections are FAB. He literally has a wall of music, covered end to end with shelves of cds and colorful crates filled with records. I don’t think I’ve ever been in his house when there wasn’t music playing.

But put vinyl record collections, Jamie-isms, and brand name shoes aside, and what you still have is a fiercely loyal friend. Be kind to him, and he will be kind to you. Have his back, and he will have yours.

Jamie’s shoot was unique, a completely different experience than my typical shoots. For one, it was all shot inside his house, except for about 5 minutes. Shooting inside was a challenge for me, as the lighting is different and the space I have to work with is restricted. But what his house gave me was a chance to think outside the box, to use each room as a set, as a background to play with however I wanted. It challenged me to understand my camera even better, and it made me look at light in a different way.

I loved every second of it!

As I began processing the photos from Jamie’s shoot, I found myself editing more than usual…not because I needed to fix or change things necessarily, but because the photos felt more like art, or like a spread in a fashion magazine. The photos seemed to be begging to look just a little different from your typical photos. They wanted to be jazzed up, editorial-ized a little bit.

So, what you will see in these photos is a combination of Jamie’s creativity (and Todd’s, shoutout to him for being the best assistant ever) and my experimentation. It’s new, it’s different, and I love how it turned out. 🙂

Here’s Part 1! More to come…

0 thoughts on “Every You & Every Me:::Jamie Part 1:::Gainesville Artistic Portrait Photographer

  1. Brock James

    These are such awesome and compelling photos of my extraordinary friend Jamie — perfectly capture the spirit and energy I have known and loved for 15 years, cannot say what good it does my eyes (and heart) to see his face….and records, books, phones, shoes….you are very talented!

    1. Lifestill Photography

      Thanks for the kind words, Brock! It’s the biggest compliment to hear that I captured his spirit and energy. That’s what photography is all about! :):)

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