Squeeze Really Really Tight

I thought I would have another photo scene ready for you today. I thought I would have spent a couple of hours editing last night.

Instead, I took deep breaths and relaxed…something I don’t do very often.

I was on the phone with my mom after work, just venting about some recent frustrations in life. Man, a good mom-vent session is SO needed sometimes. I felt refreshed just spewing all of my thoughts out there, like I did a little spring-cleaning on my brain. Her last words to me on the phone were, “Go give Todd a huge hug, and squeeze reallllly reallly tight. Hugs always help you feel better.” And she was right. I walked right over to my wonderful boyfriend, and I hugged him—reallllly reallllly tight. I felt my frustrations and anxiety melt away, and I let my mind relax.

Todd made spaghetti. I suggested we make spaghetti because it was the only thing I had ingredients for, but also because I figured, hey, this will be simple.

Well, according to Todd, it was simple, but if you could have seen the sweet sauce bubbling and popping on the stove, and smelled the onions, garlic, and carrots simmering away…well, it seemed anything but simple, but exactly what I needed to relax. We moved through the kitchen, as if our steps were a choreographed dance, and I felt the stress continue to roll off my shoulders.

I even cleared off the dining room table for the first time in forever, and we ate like civilized people. This was a first for us. We realized that we had never eaten at a dining room table together, just taking time to taste our food and talk about our days. We’ve eaten at coffee tables, yes. We’ve eaten at desks and eaten off plates balanced on our laps, eyes glued to the TV or computer. But in that moment last night, with our beautiful, spontaneous dinner in front of us, single candle lit between us, and music on in the background (the Glee soundtrack, of course), I felt tears sting my eyes as I realized how much I was aching for this. Aching to slow down, aching to enjoy the simple pleasure of good food, a glass of wine, simple conversation, and eye contact across the table with the man I love. How could I have let these things slip out of my life, unnoticed, dearly missed, yet still ignored?

I want balance in my life. I love photography, but I have to know when I need to lay it aside, when I need to take a night for myself, to relax and renew my mind. No area of my life has gotten the full attention it deserves, and it’s become glaring obvious that I need to focus on certain areas more than others, get them back into shape, and embrace life again.

So today, you get a sneak peek of what’s to come instead of an entire scene, and I’m ok with that. And I hope these shots just pique your interest and keep you coming back for more! 🙂

Quick note: Yes, this is another photo of Jamie on the phone. He’s an excellent “on-the-phone” poser, and when you finally get to hear the storyline that went along with his shoot, you’ll understand why the phone was such a theme. 🙂 Oh, and it’s also because he just has really ridiculously awesome old-timey phones all over his house.


0 thoughts on “Squeeze Really Really Tight

  1. Todd

    I needed that so much, Thanks for the hug and just letting me come down from a hellacious day. We needed that night. I love you Kid.

  2. Once_a_King

    “Aching to slow down, aching to enjoy the simple pleasure of good food, a glass of wine, simple conversation.”

    Some weeks ago — some months ago? — you had said, among other things, that you wanted to slow down a little and have more of those long European dinners with conversation over a glass of wine. It sounds like you knew yourself and got the benefits you had anticipated when you did that in your own dining room.

    1. Lifestill Photography

      I know. I kind of wanted to just live there. Or just go buy myself a really awesome rotary phone and a retro alarm clock. 🙂


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