Vinyl Records+Open Fields=Great Weekend Ahead:::Photography Inspiration

This weekend is going to be lovely. Why? Because I have two shoots planned, with two of my favorite people! They are both “Just Because” shoots, which makes me so excited…it’s a challenge, and a really cool dynamic to watch one person in front of the camera by themselves. It’s easy(ish) for a couple to play off of each other, or a mother and child to interact…but when it’s just one person in front of the camera, it forces me to do more of the interacting, while capturing shots at the same time. I love shoots that push my creativity outside my comfort zone. I think some of my best shots have come from moments where I just let go and let my imagination direct the shoot.

I don’t want to give too much away about the particulars of the shoots, but here are some words that might paint a little picture of the fun I have in store….

Military jacket. Yellow retro couch. Red wall. Mimosas. GQ. D&G shoes. Vinyl records. White tile. Baking. Open field. Cowboy boots. Flowy dresses. Potential trespassing. Puddles (manmade or natural). Reese Witherspoon bangs. Art festival.

Um, how could those things not add up to a fabulous weekend??

Here’s some loveliness that’s been inspiring me for the shoots this weekend…



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