It’s time for some changes. Alot of them.

I bought the book Cook This, Not That today, and I’m really going to try to take it seriously. I need to eat healthier, for alot of reasons. I need to cook more, but I need to know what to cook. I can’t figure it out on my own, sadly enough. I need a book to tell me.

I also bought a new journal. I used to journal all the time, and I miss it. There is too much in my head, and I need an outlet. Er, another outlet. I guess I use this blog as an outlet to some extent, but it’s not the same as a good old-fashioned journal.

I also bought some mini-notebooks to keep in my purse. I am always thinking of something I need from the store, or hearing about a book I want to remember to read, or noticing somewhere around Gainesville that I would like to do a shoot someday. I need somewhere other than my brain to store that info…I think my brain is getting full. Hence, the mini-notebooks. And, bonus…they are pretty. 🙂


0 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes….

  1. Once_a_King

    I also store quick thoughts on the voice recorder of my cell phone. Yours probably has a voice recorder too.


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