A Very Good Friday

I keep thinking it’s Saturday, because I’m sitting in my apartment in the middle of the afternoon, sun streaming through my windows. But no…it’s FRIDAY! A very good Friday. Hehe…see what I did there? (Ok, I can’t claim that little pun…Todd totally said it first.)

In just a few minutes, Todd is going to come pick me up and we are going to hit the road to Winterhaven, FL, to visit my grandparents for Easter. Todd hasn’t met them yet, so that’s exciting! They’ve been hearing about him for so long now, and they finally get to meet him. 🙂

It’s going to be a short trip, just until tomorrow, but in those 24 hours it’s going to be Easter non-stop! We are going to have Easter lunch tomorrow, with all my favorite Easter dishes, and then there will be some egg dying. That’s right, I’m not too old to dye some eggs! I want to find one of those wax crayons we used to use when I was a kid…you know, the ones you use to write secret messages on the eggs, and then it shows up when you dye it? Yeah, those were awesome.

Ok, Todd’s here, so I’ve gotta run…I’ll leave you with some springtime loveliness to look at. 🙂 Happy Good Friday!


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