More Wedding Loveliness!:::Gainesville Wedding Photographer

As promised, more wedding photos!  (Second-shot for Lindsey Tropf…keep checking back at her blog for photos from the Cambodian ceremony earlier in the day!)

Very cool fact about Cambodian weddings: The red strings you see on the bride and groom’s wrists were tied there during the traditional Cambodian ceremony. Each family member present (or maybe any guest present) tied a red cotton thread around the bride and groom’s wrists, and traditionally the new couple must leave them all on until they naturally fall off. I love that! Apparently some people were nice and tied them loosely, while some people were throwing in some triple knots.

Getting ready for ceremony #2…the American wedding.

The Ceremony…

Married! (twice in one day!) I love the look on Edgar’s face. Total love.

This couple is STUNNING…and obviously head over heels in love with each other. I’m telling you, I didn’t meet them til the day of the wedding, and I was tearing up all day over the sweet things their friends and family kept saying about them.

This first photo is my favorite

And last but not least…some shots of the bridesmaids. The bride thought to bring these gorgeous umbrellas, and God brought us some gorgeous light. The combo was breathtaking.

And what bridal party shots are complete without a good jumping photo?? Look at that air! 🙂


0 thoughts on “More Wedding Loveliness!:::Gainesville Wedding Photographer

  1. Lifestill Photography

    Aww thanks Momma. 🙂 Like I said, they had me tearing up all day long, and I didn’t even know anything about them!


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