Wedding Details:::Lisa and Edgar:::Gainesville Wedding Photographer

Ok, so I think I fell in love last Saturday…with all things wedding.

I’ve been stalking wedding blogs for a while now–a direct result of my photoblog stalking. The obsession is growing. First photography, now weddings? Yep…love it all.

You already saw my sneak peak of this wedding I helped Lindsey Tropf  shoot, and there are even more photos to come. Today, you get some really amazing details. I might have to post even more details later on in the week, because I just loved every little piece of this wedding. It. Was. Gorgeous. Bright pink, thoughtful touches everywhere you looked, and just alot of prettiness! Every little thing was considered and made beautiful, from the menus at each place setting to the decorations that lined the ceremony aisle. (Sadly, neither of which I included in this blog, so I will post more later this week.)

Let’s begin with the cake. Hello, lovely!

Her shoes were HOT.

Not gonna lie, I don’t own the right lens for a proper ring shot. Put that on my list of things I neeeeed…but I liked this shot anyway.

How pretty are these programs? I really love the pink and green combo. So spring!

They had a sand ceremony for the couple and their mothers.

Signature cocktail! In pink, of course. One of the waiters offered me one, and when I declined because I was working the event, he told me it would make me shoot even better. Ha. Nice try, dude. They did look delicious though!

Stay tuned….more photos to come!


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