The Opposite of Linear

“Workflow.” It’s one of those little photo-industry words that gets thrown around alot. It’s the process you go through each time you finish a shoot…how you upload your photos, how you categorize them, how you back them up, how you edit them, how you create a completed product for a client. It’s one of those things that every good photographer should have.

It’s also one of those things I have a very hard time developing and sticking to.

I don’t think linearly…I actually just Googled “opposite of linear” to see what word would describe my method of thinking, and it came back with “nonlinear.” Thanks, Google. That was not helpful. My thinking is more complex than “nonlinear,” thank you very much.

But maybe Google is right. I do not think in a logical line, hence, “nonlinear.” Fine, Google wins. I am a nonlinear thinker.

Which is probably why figuring out a good photo workflow has been boggling my mind recently. A good workflow requires a logical procession of steps that are performed nearly the same way every time. It makes total sense. It saves you so much time in the long run if you aren’t trying to figure out where to save your photos, which program you want to edit in, and how to choose the best out of the 2000+ photos you have from the wedding you just shot.

If you don’t have a good workflow figured out, you will flail around aimlessly, getting nothing done and barely keeping your head above surface.

I need a workflow for my life. I need to make myself think linearly, plan out my week, and have a purpose for every day. Lately, I’ve been flailing alot. I’ve gotten busier with photography than I ever expected (big YAY!), and I’ve let other parts of my life just sink. When Todd’s over, he is typically on the couch while I’m sitting at the computer, trying to catch up on this, that, or the other. I haven’t had a Wine/Wii Wednesday with Erica in far too long. I don’t take Lexie on long walks like I used to. I rarely have real food in my frig. I haven’t worked out in…well, like a month. And my apartment is becoming a messy abyss that I am going to have to dig my way out of.

I need a workflow for my life, but there aren’t any tutorials for that, or programs I can download. I just have to figure it out, make it happen. I need goals, I need guidelines, I need parameters for my life that I am not allowed to stray from. I can’t stay this overwhelmed, or I will drop the ball on something major…besides my health and cleanliness, which has already taken a hit.

I’m planning on cleaning my apartment tonight, but maybe I will set aside some time to do some daily life planning. I can force myself to think linearly sometimes, right?

I guess we’ll see…

I snapped a photo of these guys as they watched my shoot with the Niloff family in Micanopy. They look like they don’t have a care in the world. Wouldn’t it be nice to just forget workflows and life responsibilities and just ride a bike around town with your friends? Hmm…maybe I should get a bike…


0 thoughts on “The Opposite of Linear

  1. Lifestill Photography

    I know, I literally just took one quick shot, because I didn’t want them to realize I was snapping one of them. When I opened the photos on my computer that night, I was probably fist-pumping in my living room when I saw how this turned out. 🙂

  2. steph

    hey wendy,
    keep up the good work, and take one day at a time 😉 the first step is always realizing that something needs to change right? I too have recently decided my life needs some organization!! at work and at home while searching for a new home! eek! I LOVE that last photo. its the photo of childhood- and sandlot? lol and the fade makes it look awesome.



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