The Unfortunate Smoothie Incident

I have those days. You know, the ones where the world seems dark and nothing goes right. Where you would rather crawl back into bed than face the day ahead of you. The ones where you look in the mirror and see nothing but the flaws. Your clothes don’t fit right, and your imperfections seem to hover over your head, an unseen accessory that feels glaringly obvious.

Add to those feelings an Unfortunate Smoothie Incident, and oh boy…that’s a doozie of day.

On Wednesay I was in a funk to begin with. The flaws were hovering, threatening to take up permanent residence on my head, a dark hat that would change my day. Running late but determined to make breakfast still, I pulled the frozen fruit from the freezer and added it to the blender with the other ingredients. A new old blender (it was my Grandma’s) I had never used before, but there were only two settings, so I thought I had this. I could make a breakfast smoothie, right?


As I stared in the mirror, raspberry mush dripping from my eyelashes, white shirt now polka-dotted with pink, I felt that dark hat settle onto my head, resting on top of the sugary wetness that was now crusting in my hair.

Really? Did that seriously just happen?

I stuck a spoon into the blender before the blades had fully stopped. While peering into it.

A faceful of smoothie later, I glanced at Lexie licking smoothie off the floor and the wall above my head where pink streaks were now taunting me.

Yep, that seriously just happened.

Two days later, I can laugh about it. I mean, there was smoothie dripping off my eyelashes! But in the moment, it felt like my day wouldn’t recover from the Unfortunate Smoothie Incident. Sometimes I wish I was a boy. Ok, not really. I like being a girl. But, it would be so nice to naturally compartmentalize everything that happens throughout a day…it would make it easier to move on, easier to not cry over spilled milk…er, smoothie. I didn’t kick the dark hat that day, but it’s gone now and I’m ready to embrace the challenges this weekend will bring. Just gotta keep that dark hat off my head and keep in the sunlight.

Unfortunately for you, I did not take a photo of smoothie on my face. I was too busy trying to get the stain out of my white shirt. Instead, enjoy a little sun in your life. 🙂


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