I Love Game

It’s Tuesday. What’s special about a Tuesday? Not much, if you think about it. It’s one step above a Monday, but it’s still not quite the middle of the week. You still have way too many days left until the weekend. Tuesdays used to mean LOST, but I missed the first couple of episodes this season and haven’t caught up since! Yes, I know, this is terrible. It’s the final season, and I’m really worried someone is going to blow it for me when they finally explain everything. Without LOST, Tuesdays are once again somewhat mundane.

So, listen up now everyone…

First, please DO NOT tell me about what’s happening on LOST, or I will go into the future, watch your favorite show, and then come back to the present and tell you how it ends. Yes, I’m so sweet, aren’t I? Don’t mess with me and my LOST! 😉 I’ll catch up on it eventually.

Second, DO play this fun little game I have for you today! Before I started doing photo shoots with people, I took a lot of photos that tended to be more abstract. I once attempted to take a photo every day for a year (didn’t last more than a few months and it was sporadic at best), but it did force me to look at the world a little differently, find a new take on something I pass every day. So, rules for the game: Name what the object is in each photo I took below. Some are probably pretty easy, but I think a couple are kind of hard! Leave your answers in the comment section, and on Thursday, I’ll announce who guessed the most right. The winner gets…well, alot of love from me and the knowledge that you are just that good. 🙂














0 thoughts on “I Love Game

  1. Once_a_King

    I’m not going to play because I have an (unnamed) unfair advantage on many of these things.

    However, since you have asked us all to update you on LOST I just wanted to point out that . . . naah, just kidding.

  2. Becky

    I’m so far behind on LOST, too, it makes me want to cry =[

    1) Crab spider and its web
    2) Bench
    3) Well
    4) Tassel
    5) Shower curtain hooks
    6) Dumpster?
    7) Bike
    8) Fence
    9) Grill
    10) I have no idea =/
    11) Car vaccuum

    1. Wendy Norman

      Haha, too funny! I’ll let you know if you are right once I give some more people a chance to answer. 😉

  3. Coach

    No excuses, play like a champion, get caught up on LOST!

    I added the, “get caught up on LOST” part to that saying for your benefit. It’s already 8 episodes in, but don’t worry because its just starting to get REALLY good.

    Great pictures. Everything that Becky said. Is that the the spider that was by your apartment the day I helped you move? That thing was so cool.

    1. Wendy Norman

      Nope, that’s not that spider…I don’t actually remember the spider on moving day! I was probably too tired lol. 🙂 This little guy was another place in my complex.

      And I know I know, I need to get caught up on LOST. Find me 8 free hours and I will watch them all lol. 🙂

  4. Sarah

    Ok, so I remember most of these from the picture-a-day days and could tell you exactly what dumpster that is :), but I don’t remember #10.

    At first I thought it was a tennis raquet (to go with the fence around the tennis courts), but now I’m thinking it’s some sort of bug body part.


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