Tina, Alaina, and Aubrie:::Gainesville Children Photographer

Tina is one of my co-workers, and she is fabulous–for many reasons! First of all, she loves her little girls so much. I only met them today, and I could tell immediately how much they adore their momma, and how much she adores them in return. There were smiles all around, even when we were getting stuck by prickly weeds and almost blown away on a gusty day. Second, this lady loves photography too! I’ve seen some of her own shoots with her girls, and she definitely has an eye for a good photo. And third, she is gosh darn creative! She knew what location she wanted, and she brought that gorgeous antique chair, and she picked out those outfits. (She even bought those awesome yellow shoes just for this shoot!) Um…I loved it all! It’s so much fun when a client has a vision for their shoot, because then we get some creative collaboration going and I get even more excited. 🙂

All in all, this was a really fun shoot, not only because I had a sweet, beautiful family to work with, but also because the shoot was a new challenge for me. I usually pick a location that has a lot of different spots to bounce between. This time, I shot only in this small little clearing in the field (the spot with the least prickles!), which forced me to think outside the box. It was actually really fun being outside of my comfort zone. Nate and Jacyln of the The Image is Found once challenged themselves during an engagement shoot to stay with 50 yards of where they started throughout the whole shoot. I am so impressed with the amazing images they created in such a small area (their images always knock my socks off), and it was exciting to give it whirl myself! I felt much more focused on the interaction between Tina and the girls, rather than worrying about where to shoot next. It was actually somewhat freeing!

So, with no further ado, here are some lovely ladies!

Once the little girls had had too much of the prickles and chilly wind, I spent some time focusing on Tina. She smiled effortlessly, looked stunning, and even braved some really intense prickles just to get in position for this first shot, which ended up being one of my favorites from the day.


0 thoughts on “Tina, Alaina, and Aubrie:::Gainesville Children Photographer

    1. Wendy Norman

      Haha…wow! Thanks!! I wish you were in Florida ever…it would be fun to chat about photography sometime!

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