Kyler and Jordyn:::Gainesville Children Photographer

Clinging to his mother’s jeans, he tentatively peaked around her leg.  His baby sister looked on as her grandma fixed her hair, wide-eyed and intrigued, but quiet. My questions weren’t working…he didn’t want to answer, and his face just buried deeper into the fabric the more I talked to him.

If I’ve learned anything from all the shoots I’ve done with kids, it’s that every single one of them has a completely unique personality. Some of them jump right in front of the camera, giving their fiercest pose before the camera is even on. Others are a little more tentative of the scary stranger with the huge camera in their face. But that’s what’s fun about kid shoots…you get to figure out what makes them laugh, what gets them excited. You get to be a kid again for a little while.

Kyler liked my camera. We were fast friends the second his little finger made the shutter click. I quickly learned that his favorite animal is a blue dinosaur, which we looked for all over Morningside Nature Center. (Sadly, we found none.) We crept up on a cow and raced each other to a tree. (He beat me. That kid is quick!) We played, laughed, and ran. When he reached down to hug his sister, my heart melted.

She was into it from the beginning. I never heard her make a peep, but she was listening. Point to a spot for her to stand and she poses like a pro.  Tell her big brother to do something, and she was two steps behind. She obviously adores him. Curious about everything, she peeked through the fence at a cow, delight on her small face. And no sitting in a chair for this girl! No sirree…she decided chairs were made for carrying behind her back as she toddled along.

These two are precious, and I loved every minute of our farm photo adventure. Thank you for letting me be a kid with you guys today. 🙂

Aren’t little baby booties just the cutest thing ever??

I can’t decide which running photo I like better, so you get both. 🙂


0 thoughts on “Kyler and Jordyn:::Gainesville Children Photographer

  1. Once_a_King

    Loved these pictures — my favorite is number 7 with the little girl looking into the barn building.

    1. Wendy Norman

      Yeah, that’s one of my favorites too…my favorite photos usually end up being the ones where I get to capture an unposed moment…a kid being a curious kid, or a couple just being in love. 🙂


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