Distant Dreamer

If I didn’t think I would bore you, I would probably post song lyrics every day on my blog. There is usually some song, some lyric, some tune that really captures my current mood. I promise I won’t make you read song lyrics every day, but just humor me today.

To preface…My best friend Jess and I have always referred to ourselves as dreamers. It makes sense to us, and defines us in a way that few people understand.

Today I am a dreamer. I feel landlocked, I feel like I can taste things that are hopefully in the not-so-distant future, but I can’t quite grasp them. They aren’t tangible yet, just teasing my heart.

I also knew that putting one toe on foreign soil would starting the rippling in my mind again…the bubble thoughts that drift through my mind with shimmering visions of far away lands, that burst in a shower of mist when I realize how truly far away they remain. I ache for places that aren’t here.

Distant Dreamer” by Duffy

Although you think I cope,
my head is filled with hope…
of some place other than here.

Although you think I smile,
inside all the while…
I’m wondering about my destiny.

I’m thinking about,
all the things,
I’d like to do in my life.

I’m a dreamer,
a distant dreamer,
dreaming for hope, from today.

Even when you see me frown,
my heart won’t let me down,
because I know there’s better things to come.

And when life gets tough,
I feel I’ve had enough,
I hold on to a distant star,

I’m thinking about,
all the things,
I’d like to do in my life…

I’m a dreamer,
A distant dreamer,
dreaming for hope from today.

Yeah, I’m a dreamer.


Dreaming in Venice…

Photo by Jesslinn

0 thoughts on “Distant Dreamer

  1. Coach

    My best friend Todd (I don’t know if you know him) and myself have always described ourselves as, ‘on a permanent vacation.’ I think you and Todd would work pretty good with the dreaming and vacationing.

  2. Anonymous

    Love it! I will continue to dream with you, my friend, no matter what path we find ourselves on. Here’s to being “livers of life!!!”


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