28 hours from now…

…I will be on a boat. No,not one with T-Pain and Andy Samberg, but I will definitely have my flippy floppies with me! I am going on my first cruise EVER with the Todd and four of our good friends to Cozumel!! That’s right…I will be soaking up the sun (however much gets through my 50 spf sunscreen…what? I burn easily!), drinking something fruity and delicious, and getting some much-needed relaxation. I’m thinking book by the pool and umbrella in my drink…does life get any better than that??

I’m pretty much flipping out excited, not only to go on the cruise, but also to go to Mexico! I am definitely a travel enthusiast, and I definitely do not get to do enough of it. I’ve never been to Mexico, so even though it will only be one day, and even though I probably won’t get more than a mile inland…it’s a country I’ve never been to, and I’m stoked.

So, in honor of me getting to travel, which makes my heart happy, here are some photos from my favorite place I’ve ever traveled to, Cinque Terre, Italy. I’m not even going to tell you anything about it, because I plan on actually writing a whole post about Cinque Terre someday, but I’ll leave you with a few beachin’ photos (hehe…see what I did there?) from that trip that are getting me excited about some Cozumel sand and sun.


0 thoughts on “28 hours from now…

  1. Dorothy

    Hey girl! That’ll be so much fun!! Enjoy you’re cruise, I’ve never been on one either! Hope you enjoy seeing a bit of Mexico. It’s a fun place. Love and miss you girl!!


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