Niloff Family:::Gainesville Family Photographer

I love me some Niloff family! Katie is one of my co-workers, and I met her hubby and son today at the shoot. Let me tell you, it’s a great feeling when you get to a shoot and immediately see smiles and feel the excitement. They were all great sports as I asked them to climb ladders and pose in front of watching townspeople. We planned the shoot in Micanopy because it’s halfway between my house and theirs, and also because I’ve been dying to shoot in Micanopy for a long time now. I will definitely be going back…everywhere you turned there was another nook or cranny or brickwall just begging for a photo to be taken. Loved it! This family is so sweet and I had so much fun spending the afternoon with them. Thanks, Niloff family! You are wonderful!!

I caught these kids canoodling in one of those nooks I mentioned.

Something about this next photo just grabbed me…each person seems to have their own little story going on.

Katie: “Oh my gosh, where’s the puppy??”

Jason: “My wife is a hottie!”

Tyler: “Ok, crazy lady with the camera. You want a smile?? I’ll give you a smile!”

This just might be one of my faves from the shoot…

Katie told me that Tyler starts school this year, so this sign was extra fun.

And as usual, some fun puppy shots! Kiwi reminded me of a smaller version of my puppy…she thinks she’s super tough and growls at dogs 50 times her size! Too cute…

And, the outtake of the day that was too cute not to show…I swear, I just told him to smile. He came up with this all on his own. 🙂 Gotta love four-year-olds!!

0 thoughts on “Niloff Family:::Gainesville Family Photographer

  1. Jason & Katie

    What a great time we had. We can’t thank you enough for the great time, laughs and capturing them on film. Thank you Wendy for your time, your hard work and of course the use of your amazing eyes!
    We look forward to doing many more of these with you!
    Love them!!!

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