In a Wanting Mood

Today I want…

…some sort of delicious food for dinner.

…the perfect bathing suit to just show up at my door instead of having to go shop for one.

…Old Navy to decide that everything in their store is free, so that my bank account won’t have to cry at the end of the day.

…an afternoon nap to the sound of rain.

…my puppy to be ok after deciding she is now a morning coffee drinker like her mommy. (Don’t worry, the vet said she would be fine.)

…a tan to magically appear on my body so that I won’t blind my poor fellow cruise-goers next week.

…to be in Mexico already, holding a fruity drink with a little umbrella in it, soaking up some warm rays of sun.

…bills to pay themselves.

…to take some photos, even though it’s raining and my photoshoot got postponed til tomorrow.

…my dishes to wash themselves.

Eh, just in a wanting mood today.


0 thoughts on “In a Wanting Mood

  1. Once_a_King

    I would like to be with you while you do all these things — but then, that’s what Todd is for.

    I would like to do your dishes for you. Too bad — wrong city.


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