Freezing Patooties and Ice Scraping Mishaps

You know, if it’s going be this cold, I could really use some snow in my life. I’m freezing my patootie off! (Is it sad that Rosie O’Donnell circa 1998 just said in my mind, “What a cutie patootie!”…because that just happened.)

I don’t think I’ve scratched ice off my windshield as many times in the entire 18 years I’ve spent in Gainesville as I have over the last two months. I mean, Florida girls just don’t know how to deal with this much cold! I was complaining to Todd about how I scratched my windshield while scraping the ice off, and his response was “What was the problem, was your ice scraper not working right?” My bewildered response: “Ice scraper?! Who owns an ice scraper?? I was using a foil gum holder thing! You know, the kind you pop the gum out of like little pills?”

That’s right. I stuck a glove on, palmed the gum holder thing, and scraped my windshield to death. Yeah…that’s how a true Florida girl rolls.

I have since confiscated Todd’s real ice scraper and it now lives in my backseat. How did I live without that thing? Apparently you learn cold-weather street smarts when you’ve spent the last two years in Chicago.

Ice scraping mishaps and freezing patooties aside, the positive thing about the cold is all the super cute clothes you get to wear. I think I could wear a cute scarf every single day of my life and be happy. I might just have to embrace the “summer scarf” trend, because really, they are pretty fab accessories. I always know it’s going to be a good day when I’ve got a cute scarf on. And a warm cozy sweater or stylish coat just really can’t be beat. For next winter, I want to invest in a coat that’s a bright color…or just any color at all. I rocked a gray coat this winter, and while it did have the perk of matching everything, it just didn’t quite give me the little extra umph I would like. I need color in my life!

So, here’s to cold weather clothes, but really, Florida…I’m ready for some warmth. Bring it on!

In honor of the crisp weather, here are some photos that make me think of chilly days and wish for a warm blanket.



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