Sword-swinging heroes and $5 prom dresses

I’ve always had a thing for treasure hunts. They are romantic and drama-filled, and they usually involve some form of swoon-worthy, sword-swinging hero.

When I read the The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas, I spent days locked in my room, swept away into anther world, living and dying through the treachery and intrigue. When Pirates of the Caribbean hit theaters, I was there, Yo-Ho-Ho-ing right along with the pirates and wishing I had a piece of pirate gold. And I’m not gonna lie, I own the movie National Treasure, and I may or may not have watched it over 20 times. Yeah, it’s THAT good.

I’m sure it’s my unwavering love for a treasure hunt adventure that has always drawn me to thrift store shopping. There may not be any sword-swinging heroes to swoon over, but there are certainly hidden treasures to be found! All it takes is a little patience and a dash of good luck.

I’ve been thrift store shopping since I was 15, when my best friends Kristin, Dorothy and I would spend hours browsing the local CITA, uncovering $5 prom dresses and other fabulous finds. I may not need any more prom dresses, and my high school girlfriends may live hundreds of miles away, but I still find the thrill of thrift store shopping intoxicating. That moment when you see something fascinating, something you can’t buy in stores, something you have to have. And then, that moment when you slowly turn over the price tag, and it doesn’t make you break out in a cold sweat like price tags usually do. 5 bucks for two super ugly yellow lamps that will look amazing in my living room?? OK!!

I may never get to be part of an actual treasure hunt, and I’ll probably never encounter a swashbuckling pirate, but I’ll take a good thrift store hunt any day.

These photos were from a recent rainy-day thrift store trip…


0 thoughts on “Sword-swinging heroes and $5 prom dresses

  1. Once_a_King

    1. You must really like the thrift store scene in Napoleon Dynamite where he not only finds a prom suit (it had been a woman’s but looked great on him) AND the dance tape that would ultimately get Pedro elected.

    2. You know what geocaching is? From what you say, you would love it.


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