Just Because:::Natashya & Meghan:::Gainesville Lifestyle Photographer

They are co-workers, roommates, and friends. I think the best word to describe these two lovely ladies is fabulous. I mean, look at these outfits! Love love love everything about this shoot. It’s got a vintage vibe in a edgy location, and it’s full of fashion and fun. We planned this shoot because Natashya and Meghan wanted some art for their walls. The plan is to do a wall of frames, I think about 9 or so. We wanted to get shots that went along with their vintage decor, and shots that were artsy and edgy. Um…yes please! This is just my kind of shoot! I can’t wait to see how their wall art turns out.

And last but not least…Shotzy! I’m loving all the adorable dogs in the shoots I’ve done recently.


0 thoughts on “Just Because:::Natashya & Meghan:::Gainesville Lifestyle Photographer

  1. Jacquie

    Wow…. just wow.

    You are awesome. I love this shoot. It’s so fun to watch you figure out who you are as a photographer as you post each shoot. I think this is your calling, girl!

    Keep it up! XoXo


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