With New Eyes

It’s FRIDAY! I am beyond ready for the weekend, especially because I’ve got a super fun shoot planned on Saturday that I’ve been looking forward to for awhile. This shoot in particular is a step towards defining my vision for what I want in a photography business. I’ll explain a little more about that after the shoot, but stay tuned for some sneak peaks coming soon!

This week I’ve been catching up on some editing, and I realized that I’ve really started developing more of an eye for what I like in a photo. I’m seeing patterns in my shooting, and while I definitely want to keep my photography dynamic and fresh, I also want to find my niche, find what I like, discover what kind of photos really get me excited. I went back through some of my older shoots this week with new eyes, seeing which photos I felt like I overlooked the first time around. I was amazed at how many photos I had breezed past a few months ago, that now really capture my attention and emotion. I know when I first began doing photoshoots, I was so determined to please my clients, that I was choosing photos for my blogs that I assumed everyone would like. Now I am realizing that I can get both…I can take pictures that are “me,” that showcase my style and make me smile inside, and at the same time, I can give the client what they want too. Pleasing myself and pleasing my client don’t have to be different things. In fact, I’m pretty sure that to be successful (and happy) in the photography industry, you have to find your niche and love it, and then you will get clients who love your work because it’s your work, it’s a style they appreciate. If the photographer and the client both love the end result…that’s success.

Here are some of the pictures that captured my eye…


Caitlin and Mike


Nee Twins

Laura and Michael

Nancy and Kevin

And last but not least…Maggie!!



0 thoughts on “With New Eyes

  1. Once_a_King

    Loved this:

    I can take pictures that are “me,” that showcase my style and make me smile inside, and at the same time, I can give the client what they want too. Pleasing myself and pleasing my client don’t have to be different things.

    Also, loved your statement of several days ago that life was great these days. I’m so glad — keep it up!

  2. Aliesha

    All your pictures are so beautiful! I can’t thank you enough for doing mine, they’re my favorite pictures of me 🙂 It never ceases to amaze me how perfectly you set up the shots!

    1. Wendy Norman

      Thank YOU for being such a gorgeous model…you were willing to try anything my crazy brain cooked up! My absolute favorites are of you in the tree with the fabulous shoes and the gorgeous dress. You look absolutely stunning! 🙂 It makes me smile to know you loved them too.


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