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One of the things I love most about working at RTI is how focused the company is on developing the strengths of its employees. Specifically, they have all employees take the StrengthsFinder test, which gives you a list of 34 of your strengths. You focus on your top five, as those are the strongest ways you contribute to the world around you–both personally and professionally.  The rest of your 34 interact together, but they get weaker as the numbers get lower. However, that said, they are all still strengths, not weaknesses. Your #34 is just used less often or not at all, while your #1 is a big part of who you are and why you do the things you do. I was amazed, blown away really, by how accurately StrengthsFinder pegged me.  It’s like someone got up inside my head, took some notes, sorted out all the things flying around in there, and then typed up a summary called “The Way Wendy’s Mind Works.” So, now that you are dyinnngggg to know how my mind works, here goes…    

My Top 5:    


 There are a few from the list that really stick out to me, really help explain aspects of who I am. The one I was most surprised about in my Top 5 is Futuristic. Not because it isn’t true, because it really is, but because it was something I had never really been able to put my finger on before, but always knew was there. I do spend alot of time dreaming about the future. So much so that sometimes I think I have to keep it under control, or it could become a weakness outside of work. I have  a hard time living in the moment, appreciating the here and now, because my brain is usually about 10 steps ahead of myself. This often makes me frustrated with life, because I am either worried about what could happen in the future, or I’m so focused on something down the road that I have a hard time actually being in the present enough to make the future happen. 

I also thought Input was really interesting. Here are a couple snippets from the longer description that I really identify with: 

“Whether you are studying something for the first time or revisiting a topic to refresh your memory, you enjoy reading.” 

Yes. I was the kid who wasn’t content at the breakfast table unless I had something to read…even if it was the back of the cereal box. 

“You are likely to archive–that is, preserve–your discoveries so you can use them later.” 

My tendency to archive is probably why I love photography. It’s a way to preserve a moment, freeze time, capture a feeling…and then have it forever, something you can look back on and be transported to a moment in the past. One of my favorite shoots I’ve gotten to do is Shelby and Mara’s engagement shoot, because I got to document the very moment Shelby proposed. They will have that forever, and when they are old and telling their grandchildren about that special moment, they will be able to show pictures of when it happened. They will be able to have that wonderful feeling as memories flood through them, and their family will be able to see the genuine joy on Shelby’s face when she said yes, and the blissful smile Mara had as she hugged the man she would spend the rest of her life with.

I love finding out other people’s strengths too, so if you read my blog and you know your top five, leave them in a comment! 🙂

Your eye candy for the day is a shot from a maternity shoot I did back in November at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. Not sure what plant this is…kind of looks like bamboo, but smaller. Anyone know what it’s called??   


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