Here’s the thing about photography…it’s addicting. The accessories, the lenses, the different types of cameras…man. It’s endless fun, that’s what it is! So, just because I don’t want to be the only photographer drooling all over my computer, here are my latest photography objects of lust. (ie, I don’t own these yet. I just drool over them daily.) Enjoy…and here’s a tissue to wipe that drool off your chin.

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini

Um…can anyone say AMAZING?? I actually found an old polaroid camera in a closet at work yesterday and promptly proceeded to enjoy the heck out of about 50 bucks worth of film. Yeah, that stuff is going for about 4 bucks a picture these days! Ridiculous. But, what else were we going to do with it than document some office shenanigans? So, anyways, the Instax film is apparently only about a dollar a photo, which is MUCH more reasonable for a photo-addict. Therefore, I drool over this beauty. Oh, and I got this awesome idea off my favorite new blog, The Blog is Found:

It’s wall art with Instax film! I LOVE it!! I will make this happen…not a heart necessarily, but something cool for sure. Stay tuned…

2. Shootsac

More Product Images

Ah, the Shootsac. From what I hear, it’s a must-have for any serious photographer. Now that I have two lenses, I’m having to get used to switching back and forth between them in the middle of a shoot, and let me tell you…that’s not the easiest of feats. The Shootsac was designed to protect your lenses, conform to your body, AND, bonus…it makes you look super cool and legit. Which brings me to my next drool-worthy object…the customizable Shootsac cover!!

3. Viceroy cover

If you read my post on decorating my apartment, you know how much I love my very ugly, very awesome yellow lamps. Well, as I continue to attempt to define my style and brand Lifestill Photography, these lamps are becoming more and more an inspiration for me. So, in the spirit of honoring my lamps, I thought this cover was pretty baller. 🙂 Best thing about the Shootsac though…you can buy as many covers as you want! That’s pretty fantastic.

Alright, well…that’s all I’ve got for today. The top three drool-makers of the week. Maybe this will be something I do regularly…write about things I think are cool. Maybe photography things, maybe other stuff too…hmmm…sounds like fun to me!

Ok, blog time is over. Time to clean the apartment. Yeah…fun fun fun!

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