Details in the Fabric

Life. To control or not to control? That’s the question. (Don’t hate on the cliche, I was an English major. I’m allowed a good literary cliche now and then.)

There is a lot in life I have no control over, and that’s something really difficult for me to acknowledge sometimes. That sometimes I have to just let go, and hang on for the ride.

However…that’s not what this post is about. Ha! Gotcha.

This post is about something I do have control over, something that has been SUPER fun over the last six months.

For those of you who don’t know this already, I am living by myself for the first time EVER, in a one bedroom one bathroom apartment on the NW side of Gainesville. For the other 23 years of my life, I’ve either lived with my parents, or with roommates. I have had my own room before, but never my completely own living space. And I LOVE IT! (Shoutout to any former roommates who might be reading this…I miss your faces like whoa, so you should probably come visit soon. Just sayin’.)

One of my very favorite parts of living alone is the freedom I have to decorate whenever, however, and with whatever I please! I didn’t realize how much I was going to enjoy the creative aspects of decorating as much as I do. My friend Erica (who will be featured on here  soon as the star of her very own photoshoot!) has started calling me her “creative friend,” all because I slapped a little fabric on a little foamboard and called it wall art. Well, thanks, I appreciate the compliment, but really, all I’m doing is having fun trying to create funky, fun decorations from moderately priced (nice way of saying I’m cheap) items. So, if you are interested in some ideas (Feel free to steal the ideas!! Just send me pictures so I can admire your creatively flowing juices!), or just want to get a little taste of what I like and what Wendy-style  is all about, keep reading!

To begin…

The fabric-foamboard-wall-art over my bed, and the side table decorations.

Fabric: JoAnn Fabrics discount section. Foamboard: Wal-mart. (Cut foamboard into whatever shapes you want, then wrap fabric around the pieces and use a staple gun to attach.) Lamp: Craiglist. Vase and fake-plant-flowy-reed-things: Sandy’s Consignment for the vase, reed-things from Target.

The “W”!

The blue pieces are bamboo-ish placemats I bought from Ross, that were originally green, but I spraypainted them blue. The gold circle things are placements from Ross too, but no coloring was changed. The “W,” also from Ross, was black, and I spraypainted that the rusty color it is now. Nail the placements onto the wall in whatever pattern makes you smile, and voilà!

I wish I could say I made this vase…but I didn’t. It’s from Ross. I may or may not have a slight obsession with the homegoods sections of that store.

The next detail shows one of my prize possessions–my leatherbound Chronicles of Narnia series. (Again, English major. Don’t hate.) My uncle gave them to me one Christmas, and I can’t wait to read them to my kids someday, the way my dad did for me from his old hardbacks.

The zebra bookends are also from my uncle, and if I remember correctly, they are from Zimbabwe and made of sandstone. He is always living somewhere exotic, so our Christmas presents are always some sort of fantastic artifact from a foreign land.

Homemade candle display. Ok, I didn’t make anything in the next picture, but I put it all together! The candles are from Ross (yes, again!), the pebbles are from Target, and the platter-thing holding it all is from Kohls. I like to mix and match.

My latest addition and one of my faves: room-dividing curtains! I have a “solarium” in my apartment, which is a fancy name for an office area that has no door, but has four inches of wall that sets it off from the living room. I put curtains up that go across the ceiling and hang down on each side, just framing the room and giving it more of a “this-is-my-creative-nook-come-on-in” kind of feel. The curtains are from Wal-mart, and I tied them with a piece of fabric that I ripped to give some texture.

These. are. my. FAVORITE.

My ugly yellow lamps. 5 bucks for the pair at a thrift store in Melbourne, and I fell in love. Originally I thought I would repaint over the obnoxious yellow, and then I fell in love with it. They sit on either side of the couch in my living room, and they are weird, kind of ugly, and I LOVE THEM. I pretty much used them as the jumping off point for what the rest of my place would look like.

And this last detail wasn’t made, and wasn’t bought. It was a gift from my best friend Jess, a fellow liver-of-life, true dreamer, and a kindred spirit. Thank you for knowing me, and knowing that this would become my motto for life. I may not have control over much, but this much I can control. I will love what I do.


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