Morton Family Shoot:::Gainesville Children and Family Photographer

Introducing…the Morton family! Erin is one of my co-workers, and she decided it was time for some family photos. So, we headed out the to place it all started–the Thomas Center. Erin and J.P. had their wedding reception there back in 2004, and since then they have had their beautiful daughter Layne! This whole family is as sweet as they come, and they were such good sports on a cold, cold day! By the end of the shoot, poor little Layne was shivering and had a bright red nose, but she still laughed her little head off, cracked jokes, and got excited about a snail she found. Seriously, she is adorable! Erin and J.P. are such sweet parents, and their love for each other and for Layne was evident in every smile, laugh, and quiet moment. I’m so glad I got to capture some of their love in these photos. Enjoy…there are ALOT of pics in this post…I just couldn’t narrow it down any more!

To kick it off, some family moments…

Now, time for Layne’s close-up. She got a kick out of the “eye” in my camera…

A different perspective…

Isn’t Erin simply stunning??

Lovebirds. Aww…

And it wouldn’t be complete without a little puppy love…hheeerrree’sss PORTER! (he might love bubbles, just a little bit.)

And here’s a sneak peak of a mini-shoot we tacked onto the end of the day. Melissa works with Erin and I, and she came out for a few shots of her own! I’ll leave you with one shot for now, because it’s past my bed time, but I promise I’ll post more of her shoot tomorrow. Isn’t her new puppy, Teddy, just so stinkin’ cute??


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