I’m officially TWITTER-pated! I’ve been wanting to get a little more involved in social media, and I figured what better way than to join the world of Tweets, Tweeples, Tweeters, and other semi-ridiculous, yet kinda cool lingo? I am hoping (cross your fingers, my tweeps) to get a phone with a data plan so I can Tweet and Facebook from anywhere…but those cost some serious dough! We shall see…but in the meantime, this is my foray into Twitterland. Join me, won’t you? I promise to entertain you!

Speaking of entertaining, this definition of twitterpated made me laugh:

twitter + pated, i.e., having one’s pate (head) in a twitter (confused).

Haha! Love it.

And just because I love this too, and because it reminds me of Chicago…


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