It’s here!

It’s gazing at me with shiny expectation, not blinking. I can see myself in it’s reflection…the reflection of who I am now, and the shadow of who I hope to be in the future.

It’s here! My new lens! I kind of hate admitting this, because it makes me sound somewhat less-than pro (which is true, so ok…I’ll admit it freely), but I’ve been shooting with a really basic Sigma lens up until this moment. When I bought my trusy Canon Rebel XT after graduation a couple of years ago (yes, I’m old school…I’ll catch up sooner or later), one of my good friends from high school who is a phenomenal photographer, Ryan Best, suggested I buy the Sigma 18-50mm, 3.5-5.6 as a starter lens. Now, I don’t know if this is better or worse than a kit lens, but I’m pretty sure it falls under the category of “amateur hobbyist” glass. It served me well over the last two years, acting as my trusty sidekick through an attempt at a “Project 365” type blog, a few “I quit photography!” moments, a lot of really happy moments in Chicago, and now this attempt at taking my photography to the next level. However, the more interested in photography I got, the more I was drooling over the lenses I saw other photographers using. I love my little Sigma starter lens, but it’s time for something new…

So, with no further ado…

Introducing…my new Canon 85mm, 1.8!!!

(picture taken with my old trusty sidekick)

After waiting not-so patiently like a kid at Christmas for the UPS guy to arrive, it’s finally here! I may or may not have actually danced around the living room after signing for the package. It’s beautiful, it’s fancy, it’s fun…and let me tell you…that bokeh is AMAZING.

So as kid-in-a-candy-shop excited as I am right now, I’m not gonna lie…I’m a litle intimidated by the idea of a prime lens. No zoom??? Really?? I have to actually MOVE myself around the subject? Well, ok then. This will be an adventure!

I chose this lens after hours of blogstalking, and all of my favorite photogs say that they could shoot an entire wedding with this baby, and of all the affordable (let’s repeat that…affordable) lenses out there, this is the best choice. I’ve probably been drooling over pictures shot with $2,000 lenses, but let’s get real. I don’t have two G’s to drop right now. Instead, I paid a moderate amount of money for a really gorgeous new piece of glass, and I can’t WAIT to shoot someone with it! Erin, get excited…you are my first shoot with the new toy!

Time to go shoot something…

0 thoughts on “It’s here!

  1. Jenny Highlander

    WOW!! Gorgeous pics with the new lens!! You really do have to start charging soon, but don’t forget who got you started, he he.

  2. Wendy Norman

    Haha, I always include you in the story of how I got started with all of this. You will be famous someday as my first photo shoot ever! 😉

    And I am actually charging now…not a ton, but I am charging! 🙂


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