Just Because:::Courtney and Tucker Miguel:::Gainesville Portrait Photographer

How much fabulosity can you handle?? (Yes, that’s a word!) I hope you can handle alot, because this post is SUPER LONG and full of fashion, fun, and a furry little guy! Courtney and her precious little chihuaha Tucker (aka Miguel Pants, or Tucker James when he’s bad) met me downtown for a just-for-fun shoot. I wish more people were comfortable having photoshoots just of themselves. I think it’s so amazing to capture someone at any moment in their life, not just during the “big” moments. Courtney did an amazing job choosing outfits for the shoot (considering my instructions were just to look fabulous and wear some hot high heels). She brought a bag full of fun accessories…and even a bag of outfits for Tucker! (Look out for that bow tie…that is alot of hotness for one little dog!) With the help of our friend and lovely wardrobe assistant/dog wrangler/hair smoother-outter Melissa, we put together some fun, flirty outfits and had a blast traipsing all over downtown Gainesville. The crazy wind tried to get the best of us, but we just embraced it and I think the pictures turned out even better because of it.  

We planned the shoot in a different area downtown than I usually shoot in, and I found some truly fantastic areas that helped complete the urban-chic look we were going for. There are so many more areas I want to try out…any volunteers???

Thank you, Courtney and Tucker, for being fun and fabulous and letting me experiment with whatever crazy ideas popped into my head. You were wonderful models!!!


0 thoughts on “Just Because:::Courtney and Tucker Miguel:::Gainesville Portrait Photographer

  1. Danae

    These pictures are fantastic!!! I was just skimming through your blogs and… well you’re amazing!!! Just to put it bluntly! I love all the color and randomness! You are truely talented! keep it up girl. I want to see more! : ) love you,

    1. Wendy Norman

      Aww you are too sweet!! I’m definitely a sucker for color…and randomness! lol. I’ve got a shoot this coming weekend, so there will be more up soon. And I always will try to include a picture of something with my blog posts that are more writing. It is a photobog after all…what’s a blog post without a photo?? 🙂 Miss you!!!


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