Engaged:::Shelby and Mara:::Gainesville Engagement Photographer

As promised, here are more pictures from Shelby’s amazing proposal to Mara…

We made it to the bridge (ie THE PROPOSAL PLACE), and I think I was almost as nervous about the big moment as Shelby!

And the moment arrived…

Just for fun…

Shelby right before proposing:

Shelby right after proposing:

Just a little excited maybe?? 🙂

And, the fun photo of the day…for those of you who know Shelby, you know this is a pretty typical face. 🙂 And Mara loves it!

Thank you for giving me the honor of witnessing this special moment! Congrats to you both!!


0 thoughts on “Engaged:::Shelby and Mara:::Gainesville Engagement Photographer

  1. Robin Shenk

    How wonderful. the pics are awesome and what memories to keep.

    You did good Shelby…Mara, good find. He is a keeper~

  2. Gigi Gordon

    Do I have to have a REAL website just to say what great photos these are? If so, phooey! but seriously, I do not see how they could get any better than this….
    Shelby and Mara are the bee’s knees, and I am tickled and pleased about this event…. Blessed be…. from mom in Arkansas

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