Shelby and Mara get engaged!:::Gainesville Engagement Photographer

Yesterday was quite the exciting photoshoot. My longtime friend Shelby decided to propose to his girlfriend during a photoshoot. Somehow he was sneaky enough to make her think that the photoshoot was her idea, when he actually had it fully planned out, down to the T! We scoped out a location last week, planned the exact spot and discussed code words (“I’m going to use a telephoto lens now.” aka “I’m going to stand far away from you so you have a private moment and I can still capture it!” haha).

I don’t know who was more nervous…me or Shelby! I was shaking like a leaf, hoping to capture the moment the best I could. Mara said yes (obviously!), and they are now not just an adorable couple, but an adorable, ENGAGED couple! Congrats, Shelby!! Thanks for letting me be apart of that moment in your lives.

For this shoot, you get one sneak peak pic right now, and I’ll post more later, I promise. Something about this picture just moved me when I saw it. I love when life, love, and the lens come together to capture a moment like this.


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