Maternity:::Katie and Brad:::Gainesville Maternity Photographer

This afternoon I got to enjoy some beautiful light at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens with Katie and Brad, otherwise known as Wendy’s 2nd Maternity Photo Guinea Pigs. 🙂 These two are just a gorgeous, sweet, fun couple! You can see how much love they each other and how excited they are about the soon-to-be new addition to their family. We had fun getting up close and personal with some beautiful flowers and watching our backs for gators as we got as close as possible to the ginormous water lilys. (Oh, and Katie’s shoes ROCKED! I love how they pop in all the pictures.)

Thank you both for letting me spend a beautiful afternoon with you. I am so honored to be able to capture this special time in your lives. 🙂Picture 022(2)Picture 175Picture 136Picture 068Picture 249Picture 193(2)Picture 228Picture 217

And the outtake of the day is…Brad is pregnant too! 😉 He spent most of the afternoon with his hands on Katie’s cute little belly, so I think he wanted to make sure she didn’t miss out on all that fun.

Picture 157


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